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Before taking steps towards the fertility clinic for the treatment of the infertility either man or woman firstly, look at what kind of infertility by which you are dealing with it? There are two types of infertility one is the primary and the other is the secondary infertility both of them have different reasons. The primary infertility refers to the couples who have not conceive the baby at least having one year sex without any use of birth control methods and the secondary infertility refers to the couples who can’t conceive the child at least once but not unable to conceive the child anymore.
Now get that what the condition of your infertility now looks at the reason to have infertility in yourself either in male or female. Yes! It is possible to have infertility disorder in male as well.
The bad infertility problems have both medical reasons as well as lifestyle reason:
Low sperm count
Slow sperm motility
 Abnormal morphology
 Problems with semen.
Lifestyle reasons:
Drinking habits
Watch out on what you are drinking on the regular basis? The reason is if you are drinking alcohol so that can directly affect the quality and the quantity of the sperm counting.
Smoking habits
Either you are an active smoker or the passive smoker so that can easily affect on the sperm counting of the male because it has indirect side-effects and for the matter of the health, it is injurious for health.
Style Statement
We have already mention the beginning as well that it is not possible that you body can accept every style that you are carrying and sitting for the long time and take bath by hot water can be the reason of to have low sperm quality.
Emotional and the physical stress
Stress is not only affect your fertility or the sperm counting but also affect your  the whole body  either the stress is from work load or from the personal just try to reveal it and try other ways to enjoy your life.
The reason of have the infertility problem in female are:
Eat well:  In this modern lifestyle no one left to present or present that he or she is not running with the time and the changes that we keep doing in our lifestyle begins from the ‘’Eating habits’’. make sure that your meal should be filled with the vitamin C, D, Zinc, protein, calcium and many more nutrition’s even you can take suggestion to your Doctor to have the supplement of multivitamins in your diet avoid oily and high calories food.
Work Place: your workplace is the most important place because you spend more than eight hours there so the work should be healthy because most of the workplace are chemical oriented and the more than 80 % of women are dealing with it because to have rotated shifts in the office. Your body should need space to accept the changes in it.
Weight Gaining: The other reason that is the weight gaining because the high weight problem can easily kill the aspects of fertility in the body. So exercise and the healthy diet will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle even the weight gaining can easily develop other health related issues as well.
Control your Smoking and alcohol habits: even you have any problem from your workplace, you are healthy and eating well still there is infertility so the reason behind it is either you has smoking or drinking habits because it has an indirect effect on the body.
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