Facts about the egg donation clinic in India.

As being the largest country of Asia, most of the patients are now arriving here because we are the largest country for egg donors. Now we know that the next thing that will hit in your mind is on which factors India is emerging as the best country for the egg donor so in that case there are many factors by which we are become as one of the best country for it so look at the factors:
Egg donor is young
Yes! It is one of the best questions because if you want to conceive the child through egg donor so it very important to get to know the complete history and medical illness of the donor. Firstly the egg donor should be any one either the Anonymous vs. Known Egg Donor. The reason behind to have the young egg donor is the age is limited to donating egg and the young egg donor most of the time are without any kind of abnormalities.
Anonymous vs. known egg donor
It means the choice to select the egg donor is completely depended on the intended parent because if they select known egg donor so they know the egg donor by natural and by physical appearance but if they select the anonymous donor so in that case the identity of the donor will hide and they can’t interact with them.
Medical history
The medical history of the donor is very important because that should be matched with the intended parents' family in any case if the donor is dealing any of the diseases in the previous time so that can affect the birth of the child and the health of the intended mother.
Donor personality:
If you want that the child should with the profile of the intended parent so it is very important to know that donor personality like which is the favorite place of get together of the donor? What kind of she love to eat? So the donor should be beautiful and friendly to whom the intended parents can easily interact with them.
Your children will most likely never meet their egg donor.
We respect your privacy :-  According to the most of the patient they don’t want to meet the egg donor even the child that is born through the use of donor egg so, on the demand of the patient we never allow the children and egg donor to meet each other.
The pool is the limit.
The egg donor activism is limited because for the egg donation procedure many from us have to concentrate on the medical and the physical condition because for it the donor should have the dexterous because with the poor egg quality the egg donor is not free to do it they have to face some of the test and clear it.
Our patient is not pre-selected and we are ensuring that their reports and the screening test will not share to the other members of the clinics and they are donating their eggs in the best ‘’egg donor clinics in India’’.
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