Five common questions before egg donor

Yes! That is the next question that will hit into the mind of the if someone her egg so what will be the next procedure of the donated egg. So the egg donor procedure is divided into four major parts. Before it, the egg should face much fertilization procedure that is very important because on the basis on it is clear that the donated egg doesn’t have any kind of malformation and if had it so that can catch and find out the suitable treatment. As we all know hat who need the donated egg? Someone who can’t conceive the child in their own egg due to the medical or any other problem. The common reason that the poor quality of egg and another reason is when someone can’t transfer their disease to the child if they are dealing with the serious disorder like HIV-AIDS and cancer.
How the egg donor procedure does works?
S, in that case, the procedure is divided into four major points that we have already mentioned that one is complete egg donor cycle, shared egg donor cycle, frozen eggs and embryos adoptions. The major role of the egg donor is played into the procedure of the surrogacy when someone wants to have surrogacy but with the done egg.
The procedure of the egg donor is painful?
Most of the patient asked the same question to the doctor because everyone who is donating their egg want to know that what kind of the pain it is? So the answer of the question the egg donor process is not painful but may be discomfortable for the patient. And so, after the egg donor the patient should stay into the hospital for the hospital campaign.
What is the duration of the time in the process of it?
The whole procedure is consumed 20 to 30 minutes, but the vast time is taken by the harvesting because before the donating egg the patient should take a hormonal injection to –procedure large number of eggs after the injection the egg removed from the body within 36hours.
What kinds of tests and examination the egg donor should face?
So, for the selection of the egg donor we are very careful firstly we completely concentrate the brief history of the donor on the both level medical as well social, physical examination, inherited disease and the testing for sexually transmitted disease. No smoking and alcohol habits. The right age of an egg is less than 30 years. We select all the eggs personally and give them the complete medical tests like screening and the fertilization.
To whom, the patient should contact?
For the right guidance, the patient should contact the ‘’indiahospitaltour’’because we are the one of the trusted and well-known name in the name of fertility treatment.  Even we are associated with the top fertility clinic in India. We are ensuring that identity of the patient and the egg donor never disclosed and all the screening and physical examination test report never share to anybody else and the patient are now pre-selected.