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Everyone wants to ask only one question just before the biggest step in their life and that what is the IVF procedure because the recipient is the only one who is going to face the whole process and for it the patient wanted to know that  what all are the risk and the steps. As we can easily understand that the procedure of the ‘’IVF treatment procedure India’’ is one of the key chains of all the process. Before looking down the process look at the true and the logical meaning of the IVF fertility procedure.
The first question, what is the true meaning of the IVF?
So, the meaning of the IVF is in vitro fertilization, and that is including a method  of assisted reproduction, when a man’s sperm and the woman’s eggs are combined in a laboratory dish, where fertilization takes place and the result of this procedure is embryo get moves to woman’s egg and implanted from where the pregnancy develop naturally. During the procedure of it 2-3 embryos are placed in the women’s uterus at one time.
Now look at the history of the IVF process step by step:
Ovarian stimulation: this is the first step of IVF procedure and has two types of stages GnRH agonist (longer) and the GnRH antagonist (smaller). The first stage is selected when the egg retrieval should be selected on the personal choice but in the GnRH antagonist (smaller) is adapted to the spontaneous  onset of the previous menstruation and after a time it can be converted as the very risky complication.
Egg retrieval: The process only consumes 30 to 40 minutes when using a transvaginal  technique with the use of a needle piercing the vaginal wall reach the ovaries and it is very common to remove 20 to 30 eggs at one time.
Embryos development: After all procedure we wait to stop here when the embryos develop according to the live birth rate of the pregnancy process. So for it is very important to have right embryos selection after it the embryos transfer into the woman’s uterus.
Embryos transfer: the successful embryos transfer is totally depended on the age of the women and the cells growth and the degree of fragmentation.
Pregnancy test: It is one of the important ways because it tells about that the IVF procedure is successful or not even it isn’t so on the demand of the patient the doctor and the expert can easily perform it again.
Now look at the unconscious question that is running in your mind towards the ‘’IVF fertility procedure India’’
The IVF procedure is considered unnatural.
 No, the procedure is not unnatural, it is the wrong perspective and in the normal pregnancy the fertilization takes part in the body and on the other hand the fertilization takes part out of the body so for it is not unnatural and it is the best way by which a patient can get the solution of the infertility disorder.
IVF babies have malformations.
No, the child that is born with the help of the IVF procedure is completely healthy even after the birth without and any kind of abnormality.
IVF is a painful process.
No, the process is not painful but uncomfortable.
There is need of complete bed rest in IVF procedure.
As compared o the normal pregnancy, both the pregnancy required the bed rest but the patient can include the other factors as well like the normal activity and the job procedure from the till the final stage of the pregnancy.
Success rate:
For example,  there are many types of IVF treatment and for the treatment of there are many positive changes to conceive a child by the first attempt if someone from you wants IVF treatment with self- eggs have 53% to conceive the child. IVF with donor egg has 65% chances and surrogacy with self-egg have 65% chances, but surrogacy with donor eggs have 75% chances.

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