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If a woman is not getting pregnant so it is not just her issue even man is also equal in it because if you are thinking that infertility is just a woman's problem so you don’t have the complete knowledge of it because both men and women are the reason of infertility. Even more than half cases, fertility problems due of the women and the other half cases the problem of fertility due to the men and the reason behind it the medical condition as well. On the other hand unknown reason of infertility in men and women is the mixture of unknown problems.
The problems of infertility in women are stressed, age, poor diet, being overweight, smoking and excess use of alcohol. All these reasons are connected to the lifestyle of an individual, but there are some of the medical conditions which block the way for fertility like ovulation disorders, cervical abnormalities, Fallopian tube damage or blockage, endometriosis, primary ovarian insufficiency and pelvic adhesions. Even the same methods of medical problem apply for infertility in men as well like- impaired shape and movement of sperm, low sperm concentration, varicocele undescended testicle, male hypogonadism, genetic defects and infections.
After knowing that you are dealing with the problem of infertility, to cure this disorder you search the ‘’IVF treatment India’’. In the original language, the meaning of IVF is a test tube baby, after the age of 30 when Fallopian tubes blocked in a woman's body so it is the only treatment that is left in today’s world.
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Now look at the method that they follow because after a time the patient is spending and investing money but now we also believe that the patient should have the complete knowledge of the methods basically what kind of treatment and the steps are taken by the ‘’IVF India’’
Ovarian stimulation: this is the first step of IVF procedure and has two types of stages GnRH agonist (longer) and the GnRH antagonist (smaller). The first stage is selected when the egg retrieval should be selected on the personal choice but in the GnRH antagonist (smaller) is adapted to the spontaneous  onset of the previous menstruation and after a time it can be converted as the very risky complication.
Egg retrieval: The process only consumes 30 to 40 minutes when using a transvaginal technique with the use of a needle piercing the vaginal wall reach the ovaries and it is very common to remove 20 to 30 eggs at one time.
Embryos development: After all procedure we wait to stop here when the embryos develop according to the live birth rate of the pregnancy process. So for it is very important to have right embryos selection after it the embryos transfer into the woman’s uterus.
Embryos transfer: the successful embryos transfer is totally depended on the age of the women and the cells growth and the degree of fragmentation.
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