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Age factor plays an important role in the selection of the life events. Perhaps most of the time because of the age bars issues we are too far away from the little happiness of the life. The matter is not just far away from the life but it is the matter of the critical issues of the life that can easily ruin our life or create many problems for us. The first bad effect of the advanced age that anybody can easily notice that is on the physical activity. Many people think that with the for a healthy body the only thing is not the healthy food and the other things but either our body is working according to the age or not. At the age of 21 or 22 if you have joint or muscles problem so it is not a good sign for a woman it means the deficiency of the Iron. According to the age, the human body gets chance physical changes and the bad effect of the advanced age is on the immunity and the ovarian system.
According to the medical science and the many surveys one thing which is very clear and come out that the main reason of infertility is the advanced age of the woman. Infertility meaning when a woman is not able to conceive the child after the one year unprotected sex. With the advanced age, the poor quality of the egg and the weak ovarian system can easily affect them.
All credit goes to the late marriage because now the woman are empowered and they can’t sacrifice their career because of the family planning that is the only reason with late marriage many from them conceive the child late or sometimes doesn’t conceive the child and try another option. Beyond the normal pregnancy, the only option that is easily and natural is the procedure of the IVF means In Vitro fertilization it is the natural procedure means the pregnancy will take place out the female body and then transfer into the uterus. After the nine months of pregnancy, the child will born by the natural procedure without any complication. For the successful IVF procedure, the patient should visit the ‘’best fertility doctor India’’ because at the end an experienced doctor can understand the problem of infertility and easily understand the reason of it basically treat the problem in that way.
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