Cost of ICSI treatment in India

 The ICSI fertility treatment is specially designed to treat the male infertility and you will be glad to know that in the field of medical science the ICSI treatment is known as the godfather of male infertility. The ICSI treatment is especially helpful in reproductive medicine, making fatherhood possible for men with sperm disorders. If a sperm falls to fertilize the egg naturally or during IVF, this is usually because the sperm fails to penetrate the eggs outer and inner membrane.
The complete name of the ICSI means the Intra Cytoplasmic sperm injection is the injection of a single sperm directly into the Cytoplasmic of the egg. Who requires ICSI? a patient who have low sperm count, very poor motility or a high  percentage. The success rate of IVF-ICSI.

What is the procedure of the ICSI?
The procedure of the ICSI is very effective method to fertilize eggs in the IVF and after they have aspired from the female and the main use of it is in the male infertility cases. IVF with ICS involves the use of the specialized micromanipulation tools and equipment and inverted microscope that enable embryologists to select and pick up individual sperm in a specially designed ICSI needle. The needle is carefully advanced through the outer shell of the egg and egg membrane- and the sperm is injected into the inner part of the egg. This usually results in normal fertilization in about 75 to 80 % of eggs injected with sperm. However, first the women must be stimulated with medication and have an egg retrieval procedure so we can obtain several eggs for in vitro fertilization and ICSI.
Common reason used for performing ICSI:
Severe male factor infertility that does not want donor sperm inseminations.
Couple with infertility with: sperm concentrations of less than 15 to 20 million per milliliter, low sperm motility- less than 35%, very poor morphology, having the previous IVF with no fertilization- or a low rate of fertilization, sometimes it is used for couples that have a low yield of eggs at eggs retrieval. In this scenario, ICSI is being used to try to get a higher percentage of eggs fertilized than with conventional insemination of the eggs.
Fertilization and pregnancy success rate with ICSI.
Fertilization rates for ICSI, most IVF programs see that about 70 to 80 % of eggs injected using ICSI become fertilized we can call this the fertilization rate which is different from the pregnancy success rate.
Cost of the ICSI treatment in India:
The ICSI cost in India is very reasonable, as we compared the cost of the ICSI treatment to India so in that sense, the treatment is very reasonable and within the budget of the patient. Either the patient is investing a good amount of money or the less amount of money the only thing that matter a lot of them is the success rate so, in that case, we are providing the best and the complete surety that the patient will conceive the child as soon as possible. So In that case, the patient can easily contact us through mail and calls.