IVF Treatment In India With Assisted Hatching

Laser assisted hatching India is done when the embryo is in the laboratory. Laser assisted hatching India is an embryo surgery and before embryo transfer back to women uterus a hole is made in the outer layer of the embryo by using acid or other mechanical methods to improve the chance of pregnancy. Laser assisted embryo hatching is useful for the women who are above age of 35 years, who have the high level of FSH etc.

The pregnancy rates are very high while doing IVF with Laser assisted hatching India as compared to those treatments which were done without Laser assisted hatching India. Laser assisted embryo hatching is a new technique which increases the rate of embryo implantation and pregnancy.
The couples who have had past IVF and ICSI treatment failures due to which healthy embryos could not implant into women uterus and the couples are going into depression because of failures, this new technique of Laser assisted embryo hatching is a ray of hope for them to get pregnant. Generally, embryo transferred on the second or third day into woman’s womb, when they are in 4 or 8 cells stages.
On the third day of the embryo development, the embryologists use the weak acid in fine glass and cut a hole in the outer layer of the embryo. With the use of weak acid, the embryo is washed to prevent further damages and the Laser assisted embryo hatching to make a hole in the protective outer layer around the embryo after that the women will be given the antibiotics to prevent the infection.
Women who are over the age of 35 years will produce eggs which have a harder zona pellucida as compared to younger women and the same goes for the women with high level of FSH.
The hard zona pellucida is a threat to the egg to hatch which will prevent to attach with women womb. For the successful pregnancy, the hatching of eggs is very important. Hatching of eggs from older women is a problem and they face the issue while getting pregnant. In Laser assisted hatching India, the zona pellucida cut down and this is done when embryos are at the 4 cell which is on day 2. This cut weak the zona pellucida and assists the Laser embryo assisted hatching process which leads the higher chances of pregnancy.
Following are the indications when Laser assisted hatching India to become very important in IVF treatment.
    Couples who are undergoing for IVF where the female partner is over the age of 35 years.
    Quality and quantity of the eggs produce by the female partner while undergoing IVF treatment.
    Male partner going for IVF treatment with poor sperm or embryo quality.
    Couples going for IVF treatment with embryos that have a thick outer zona pellucida.
    Couples who have previous IVF treatment failures.
Advantages of Laser assisted hatching India
Nowadays, many couples prefer to go IVF with Laser assisted hatching India due the following benefits attached with this procedure:
   Less embryo required for transfer
    Increase implantation success rate
    Allow for blastocyst culture
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