Clinic for Egg Donation- India

Egg Donation Clinic in India

Egg Donation India is very cost effective especially for the people coming from other western countries to India for their fertility treatment.

IVF technology in India is on par as compared to other developing countries and the success rate for Egg Donation India is around 85% per cycle when 3 embryos are transferred into woman’s uterus.
  Egg Donation India process involves the following:
    Egg Retrieval: It is a process where the egg is collected from the egg donor and accomplished on the same day by ultrasound-guided aspiration.
    Insemination and Fertilization - The eggs are fertilized in vitro in the IVF lab.
    Embryo Transfer – the last and final step where embryos are deposited with great care in the women uterus to achieve the successful pregnancy.

EggDonation Clinic in India has the healthy and young fertile donors who are less than the age of 30 years and have been medically tested and screened before undergoing for the Egg Donation India program.  The experts of the Egg Donor Clinic in India screen them personally so that your egg donor should super-ovulate and ensure the high success rate.

EggDonation India program is especially for the women who are unable to conceive naturally. They are mentally and physically healthy but not have enough potential of producing eggs. The eggs which they produce are not of good quality. In such cases, they required the Egg Donation India program where the other woman will produce the healthy eggs for them.
The identities of the egg donors are not restricted in India. The intended parents can select the egg donor according to their own preference. The Egg DonationClinic in India has the open database of the egg donors for all the customers with their photo identity and personal information such as qualification, height, age, complexion etc.
We provide the full cooperation and coordination with all the intended parents who are seeking the infertility treatment at our clinic and at the same time, we also offer the African and Caucasian egg donors if you wish to choose.

After completed the selection of egg donor the intended parents need to sign contract documents. The Egg Donation Clinic in India will guide you through each and every stage of the Egg Donation India program and also see that your dream of having your own baby will come true. We have a team of highly qualified and dedicated physicians, Embryologist, clinical coordinators nurses and administrative personnel who will incorporate with you throughout your IVF journey. The Egg Donation Clinic in India is committed to providing the highest quality medical care in a sensitive and caring environment.If you are one of them who are unable to achieve the successful pregnancy after a regular non-protected sexual relationship then send us your queries at and one of the Egg Donation Clinic in India representative will contact you.