Genetic Treatment in India

Genetic Treatment India

The genetic disorders often affect the body system, and most of them are not cured. However, some approaches are also available to treat the disorders which are associated with the signs and symptoms of the genetic disease.

A group of genetic conditions called the inborn error of metabolism, which result from genetic changes and disturb the production of the specific enzymes. Genetic treatment in India sometimes includes the changes in diet or replaces the particular enzyme which is missing. By limiting the certain substances in diet can help to prevent the toxic substances which are broken down by the enzyme. In most of the cases, replacement of enzymes also helps in compensating the shortage of enzyme. Genetictreatment in India is used to manage the existing symptoms and signs and also reduces the future complications.

Genetic treatment in India also manages the strategies to improve the particular signs and symptoms associated with genetic disorders. Genetic treatment in India varies from individual’s health needs. 
For example, the Genetic treatment in India will be provided to the patient who has the defected heart which requires the surgical procedure to repair the heart defect. Genetic treatment in India also provided to improve the blood cell formation such as sickle cell disease which can be treated only with the transplantation of the Bone marrow. This transplantation of the Bone marrow allows the blood cell formation as normal and if the same will be conducted in the early stage of life may help to prevent the severe pain and other future complications.

Genetic treatment in India is a hope for every patient suffering from genetic disorder by replacing their mutated or malfunctioned gene in the body to fight with the genetic disease. The most common method of the Genetic treatment in India is the replacement of a malfunctioned which poses a risk of serious complications in the body of the patient. With the use of the viruses a new gene inserted into the body of the patient which have the ability to identify the certain cells as well as to transmit the genetic material into the cells which contain missed gene. These viruses are used as the vectors of the healthy genes and the method of inserting the new gene is not seen as problematic at a first glance, however, they can cause serious complications in future.

The study says that most of the Genetic treatment in India only provide the relief from symptoms of the disease and delay its progress. Genetic treatment India is used to evaluate only the risk related to genetic factors and prenatal diagnostic testing for genetic disorders. For example, women who have the autosomal dominant genetic disorder and recommended the surgical removal of both breast by the doctor to prevent breast cancer. If the parental diagnostic testing shows the serious genetic disorder then parents need to decide whether they want to continue with the pregnancy or end the pregnancy.

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