ICSI Treatment India

ICSI Treatment India is a fertility treatment which helps in the egg fertilization. It can be used as a part of the IVF treatment to help the childless couple to conceive a baby.

ICSI Treatment India is the most successful form of treatment especially for men who are facing the issue of being infertile and this is used nearly in half of all IVF treatments.

In ICSI Treatment India generally only one sperm required and the same is directly injected into the egg. The prepared embryo then transferred into the women uterus to achieve the successful pregnancy.
ICSI Treatment India can help the couples where the man’s sperms can’t get to the egg at all or can get to the egg but can’t fertilize for some reasons.

ICSI Treatment India is especially for the men with:
    A low or zero sperm count
    Abnormal shape of sperms which results into poor motility, which means sperm can’t swim well.
    Sperm which cannot be ejaculated but can be collected from the testicles or from the duct where sperm is stored. This may be needed if the male member has had an irreversible vasectomy or injury.
    Problems with getting an erection and ejaculating, due to spinal cord injuries or diabetes.
The couple can go for the ICSI TreatmentIndia, if they already have tried IVF and could not retrieve enough eggs, or if eggs retrieved for IVF were not successfully fertilized.
ICSI Treatment India is not for all the male members facing the infertility issues. If the male member has a low sperm count as a result of genetic issues, then this could be passed on to any of the children you both have together. The ICSI experts will usually recommend the blood test for the male member before undergoing for the ICSITreatment India.

Usually one cycle of ICSI takes between four and six weeks to complete the whole procedure. The couple needs to spend the full day at the clinic or the egg and sperm retrieval procedures. The couples can go back between two days and six days later for the embryo transfer procedure.
The success rate of ICSI Treatment India is higher as compared with conventional IVF methods. It totally depends on your age and your fertility problems. The younger you are the healthier your eggs and the higher chances of success. The success rate of ICSI Treatment India is almost 75-85% of eggs subjected to the process are fertilized.

The Cost of ICSI Treatment in India is affordable for all the patients traveling to India for ICSI treatment to complete their lives. ICSI Cost in India covers the basic ICSI procedure and tests and scans prescribed during the procedure and excludes the cost of medicines.
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