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Fertility Clinic in Delhi

Fertility Clinic in Delhi is a clinic where all dreams of childless couples turn into reality. FertilityClinic in Delhi has the team of qualified and experienced doctors and they all have undergone extensive training in specialization and have been in practice since years to offer the childless couples the best possible treatment and advice for having their own baby.

The doctors of the Fertility Clinic in Delhi have done the specialization in Andrology and Embryology and they devote themselves since long, to help the couples in getting the blessing of marriage, i.e. the baby.

The Fertility Clinic in Delhi will assist you in various tasks and our clinic have the staff to give the best treatment so that one can imagine and can handle all sorts of problems, complications, and concerns with great expertise. 

The main aim of the Fertility Clinic in Delhi is to provide the best infertility treatment to childless couples. We understand the concern of the couples whose dreams of having a baby do not come true. As the best Fertility IVF India, we give our best to make them realize their dream, to give them the happiness which they deserve by providing all the benefits of new and modern technology. The Fertility Clinic in Delhi is specializing in every aspect of infertility treatment which includes In-vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, Donor Insemination, Surrogacy, Cryopreservation etc.

Infertility is a cause which affects one in six couple and the rate of infertile couples is increasing every year. Some couples are able to achieve the pregnancy with IVF treatment in one go but others at some stage experience difficulty in achieving the pregnancy and these couples need some kind of assistance in getting pregnant. It is estimated that the couples with the age of fewer than 35 years achieve pregnancy approx. 80-85% within the first year of unprotected intercourse, 90% will conceive within 18 months and around 95% will conceive within two years. The remaining 5% need the assistance to achieve the pregnancy.

The Fertility Clinic in Delhi understands that the infertility is the difficult challenge for any couple as it is a very complex, lengthy, and stressful treatment which requires a lot of patience. While undergoing for the Fertility IVF India the couple should clearly discuss their fertility problems with their IVF experts instead of blaming each other they have to cooperate with one another for better results. The couples should take the suggestions from the patients who earlier had undergone for IVF treatment and also follow a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise and diet which will give good results. The Fertility Clinic in Delhi asks the couples to avoid alcohol, caffeine, smoking, aspartame and douching for better results and fewer chances of complications. The couples need to visit the IVF expert regularly for consultations; take proper medications and diet this all will help in treating the fertility problem. 

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