Laser Assisted Hatching- India

Laser Assisted Hatching India

A fertilized embryo has an outer shell called Zona Pellucida. On the fifth or the sixth day when the embryo is at the blastocyst stage needs to break out of the Zona Pellucida. It is difficult to break out the embryo as sometimes the shell or the cyst is too hard or thick. Therefore an artificial hole is made into the cyst using laser rays so that the embryo can break out easily. This process is called Laser Assisted EmbryoHatching.

The Laser Assisted Embryo Hatching is used if the woman is healthy with normal egg production, have healthy fallopian tubes and also woman partner's sperm cells are sufficiently numerous and motile and but she is still unable to conceive it might mean that woman may have trouble at the blastocyst stage. In such cases, it is worthwhile to explore LaserAssisted Hatching India process.
Due to the harder zona pellucida, it is difficult to hatch the eggs or use excessive energy for getting it out the Laser Assisted Embryo Hatching of the eggs is become necessary to get a woman pregnant.
To help the fertilized egg to hatch and attach to the woman’s uterus the Laser Assisted Embryo Hatching is the best method. At our fertility clinic, we offer Laser Assisted Embryo Hatching procedure to all the patients who are unable to conceive naturally. The Laser Assisted Embryo Hatching is a gentle and safe way to weaken a part of zona pellucida. After the treatment of fertilized egg with Laser Assisted Embryo Hatching, the IVF experts will transfer the embryo into the woman’s womb in order to achieve a successful pregnancy.

According to our IVF experts, the woman who has undergone for repeated IVF treatments without results have double their chances of a pregnancy by using Laser Assisted Embryo Hatching.
At our fertility clinic we offer the Laser Assisted Hatching India process for those women who already have undergone for repeated IVF treatment but unable to conceive or women who are over the age of 37 years  and tries other methods to get conceive but failed. 

Laser Assisted Embryo Hatching is done while the embryo is in the laboratory. A hole is made in the outer layer of the embryo by using acid, laser or mechanical methods before transfer back the embryo into woman’s womb.

According to IVF experts, the Laser Assisted Hatching India process increase the chances of implantation in all women who are over the age of 37 years and those who have an elevated FSH level on Day 3 of the menstrual cycle. Couples with multiple failed IVF cycles also benefited from Laser Assisted Hatching.

As Laser Assisted Hatching are a difficult technique and the success of the program totally dependent on the embryologist's experience and technique.

In Laser Assisted Embryo Hatching it is possible that embryos damage with hatching and can lower the pregnancy rates. Therefore, it is essential that if assisted hatching is done, it must be expertly performed by properly trained embryologists.

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