Treatment for Childless Couple-IVF

Infertility Treatment in India

IVF treatment in India is a procedure where women eggs are removed from the ovaries and at the same time the sperms from the male partner are collected. The purpose of collecting eggs and sperms to make them fertilize in the laboratory and the fertilized egg is then implanted in the woman’s uterus to make her conceive.

IVF treatment India experts believe that age is not a factor of consideration while undergoing IVFtreatment in India as we get lot of infertile couples between the age of 25 – 30 years and they think that they are too young to go for Infertility treatment in India without even knowing the statistical figures which clearly indicates that the success rate of IVF treatment in India decreases with age.
Infertility treatment in India is now mainly used in following cases:

    If both fallopian tubes of women are blocked.
    If one fallopian tube of women is blocked and one open
    If men sperm counts are low
    Unexplained infertility cases
    Coupled who have tried other treatment but failed such as timed intercourse, follicular monitoring, IUI etc.

Nowadays following Infertility treatment inIndia options are available 

    The natural cycle of IVF: In this procedure of IVF Treatmentin India there is no need to stimulate the hormones, just require the woman’s natural cycle.
    Mild stimulation in IVF: In this procedure of IVF Treatment in India fewer hormones are used than in natural IVF.
    In vitro maturation (IVM): In this procedure of IVF Treatment in India the eggs are collected from the ovaries to avoid the use of hormone stimulation but it provides several eggs for IVF. The eggs are allowed to mature in culture before the fertilization of sperms.

Surrogacy is another form of Infertility Treatment in India. In surrogacy the women carry a baby for another infertile woman, with infertile women eggs, her eggs or an egg donor eggs being used with infertile women partner’s sperm or a donor’s sperm, is physically possible using IUI and IVF techniques. It allows a couple to have their own child where the female partner is incapable of carrying a pregnancy.

The success rate of Infertility Treatment in India with IVF procedure is around 60-70% as compared to conceive naturally. Unfortunately, only the success rate is not the important factor but also the fertility clinic would have you believe since there are so many factors which can affect your own chances of getting pregnant. 

With the new technology IVF Treatment India those days are gone when age was a constraint to experience motherhood and menopause came along with sorrow of inability to reproduce. Infertility treatment in India has proved to be the best treatment for all those couples who’ve only dreamed of becoming a parent but could never see their dream come true due to the infertility reasons.

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