Egg Donation- for Childless Couples

Egg Donor Clinic in India

Egg donation India is a process in which eggs are borrowed from young woman less than age 30 years with her consent and after that, these eggs are fertilized with the sperms of the recipient’s woman husband and inserted into the uterus of the recipient woman in order to achieve the pregnancy. The success rate of Egg donation India process is around 80 to 90%.

Nowadays women are more careers oriented due to which they plan to start the family very late and they have to face more difficulty in conceiving as their age nearly 40 years of age. Some women at this stage can conceive naturally but not all for them the best option is Egg donation India program. As women after the age of 40 years have fewer eggs in her ovaries or the quality of eggs which they produce is of bad quality, even the new technologies like IVF and ICSI also failed in these cases. In many cases after the age of 40 women stop getting the regular periods, till now the only option left for them is adoption, however, with the new technology called Egg donation India program has become a blessing for these women to achieve their dream of having their own baby.

Egg donation India program help to the women who are carrying major chromosomal defects so that they do not pass the genetic defect to their children. Egg donation India program also give benefit to the patients suffering from severe Tuberculosis and severe Endometriosis.

Screening for Egg donors

Egg Donation Clinic in India screens all the egg donors properly before they join the Egg donation India program. Generally, the eggs are borrowed from the healthy women between of 20-30 years of the age and who are not suffering from any illness or having past genetic disorders. These egg donors are specially screened for AIDS and Hepatitis. Egg donor can be married or unmarried, however, Egg Donation Clinic in India prefer the married donors with children so that it can easy for them to give a baby to another woman.

Egg Donation India Procedure

Egg Donation Clinic in India staff will coordinate with the cycles of donor and recipient both to accomplish a fresh transfer of the embryos in the women uterus. During the Egg Donation India program, the donor is given the injection to produce the good quality of eggs. The IVF expert will give short anesthesia to the donor and the eggs are removed from the ovaries without giving a cut on the abdomen. After this procedure, the donor can return home. The eggs are then fertilized with the recipient's husband's sperms in the laboratory, either by IVF or ICSI and kept in the incubator for two days.
If you are not able to conceive naturally and looking some good option to have your own baby, then we have the best available option for you which is Egg donation India program. Please send us your detailed medical history at