Infertility Treatment in India

IVF Treatment in India

IVF Treatment in Indiais a process where eggs and sperms are fertilized outside the body in a laboratory dish. For some days before the embryo transfer into women uterus, they are allowed to grow in a protected environment to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Following are the steps of the IVF treatment India:

1.    Initial Appointment: On the initial appointment the IVF expert will review all yours and your partner’s medical history, all previous investigations and treatments, and on the basis of your medical history your IVF expert will advise about your IVF treatment India options.

2.    Consultation before treatment: You should meet your IVF expert before the IVF treatment India, to confirm your treatment plan, have any question about the treatment and sign the consent forms also need to discuss with your specialist if you are on any medicines as these may interfere with your treatment.

3.    Beginning of treatment: When your treatment begins, your specialist will give you the fertility medications you need and also explain the IVF treatment cycle. Your specialist also tells you how to take the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) injections yourself.

4.    Stimulation: In IVF Treatment India, stimulation is done to your ovaries to produce more eggs. Collecting more eggs will increase the chances of pregnancy.

5.    Monitor the treatment: Your specialist will monitor all your blood tests throughout the IVF Treatment India to measure levels and ultrasounds to measure the size and number of your ovarian follicle. This helps the IVF specialist to determine the appropriate time of collection of eggs. All your blood and ultrasound tests are conducted by the specialist and included in the cost of IVF treatment in India.

6.    Trigger: Once you have the optimum number and size of follicles, your IVF expert will plan the collection of your eggs and in the evening will trigger injection of HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin).  After that, the egg collection will occur 36 to 38 hours later.

7.    Egg collection: In IVF Treatment India, egg collection is a process where your IVF expert will give you the local anesthetic with sedation. You will be at the hospital for about 4 hours and after that you will get discharged from the hospital, however, you have to take proper rest for the day. The day of your egg collection your partner will need to provide a fresh semen sample, so your IVF expert can immediately fertilize your eggs.

8.    Fertilization of eggs: For fertilization, the eggs are collected and placed in the laboratory. In IVF Treatment India, the eggs and sperms are placed together in a laboratory where fertilization occurs. ICSI is a process where an individual sperm is selected by the embryologist, and, with the help of delicate microscopic control, the egg is injected with this single sperm.

9.    Embryo transfer: Embryo transfer will be done after 5 days of the egg collection process. The embryos are then transferred to the women uterus with a fine catheter passed through the cervix in order to achieve the pregnancy.

10.    Pregnancy test: Your IVF expert will conduct a pregnancy test after two weeks of the embryo transfer. If the pregnancy test is positive, then your specialist will arrange an ultrasound scan which is approximately after three weeks of the embryo transfer.

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