IVF Fertility Procedures India

IVF Process in India involves injecting your hormones so that you can produce the multiple eggs instead of only one egg each month. After the injection given to you, your doctor will test you to determine whether you are ready for egg retrieval or not.

You will be given the medication injections prior to your egg retrieval procedure which pushes the developing eggs and starts your ovulation process. In IVF Fertility Procedures India time plays an important role; as the eggs must be retrieved just before they emerge from the follicles in the ovaries. If your eggs are not taken on time then they won’t develop normally. An ultrasound and blood test will be conducted by your doctor to make sure that your eggs are at the right stage of development before retrieving them.

During the IVF Process in India, with the help of ultrasound, your doctor will able to locate the follicles in your ovary and your eggs will be removed with the help of a hollow needle. The IVF Fertility Procedures India will take approx. 30 minutes.

After the egg retrieval, your eggs are immediately mixed with your partner’s sperm in the IVF laboratory; the sperm of your partner will be donated on the same day.

 Your doctor asks you to go home and kept your fertilized egg in the clinic under observation to ensure the optimal growth. I can take up to five days to embryo to reach a more advanced stage of a blastocyst.

You have to go to the IVF clinic once the embryos are ready, your doctor will transfer one or more embryo in your uterus in order to achieve the pregnancy. Your doctor will insert the flexible tube called a catheter through your vagina and cervix and into your uterus, where the embryos will be placed. In most of the IVF Process in India, the experts will recommend transferring up to 3 embryos at a time to increase the chances of pregnancy. However, multiple pregnancies IVF Treatment Process in India can increase the risk for you and for you baby.

After the IVF Fertility Procedures India, your doctor may ask you to take rest and will discharge you on the same day. After two weeks of embryo transfer, your doctor will conduct your pregnancy test.

In case if your partner’s sperm count is low, then your doctor will combine your IVF Treatment Process in India with ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection). In this procedure, your partner’s sperm is taken from semen and directly inserted into eggs. Once the embryo is produced, it will transfer to your uterus with the normal, IVF Fertility Procedures India.
IVF Process in India success rate depends on a number of factors such as women age, the reason for infertility, and where the IVF procedure was done. The CDC recently found that the success rate is increasing in every age group.

The live birth rate for each IVF cycle started is approximate:
 63-70% for women under age 35
53- 60% for women ages 35 to 37
40-50% for women ages 38 to 40
30-38% for women ages over 40
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