Best Treatment for Males-ICSI treatment India

Currently, more than 60% of male members are suffering from the cause of infertility and overcome from this issue they require the ICSI treatment in India which help them to fulfill their dream of becoming the father of an own baby. If a male member ejaculates have a poor quality of sperms or have low counts or have the abnormal shape of semen or unable to ejaculate at all then these conditions refer as infertility in the male. But don’t worry as with the advanced and modern technology of medical science the male member with all this condition can also become a father. 

ICSI treatment in India is one of the best treatments given to the male member affected by infertility issue. ICSI treatment in India is a male fertility treatment where the eggs are fertilized outside the human body and they can be used as the part of the IVF treatment which helps the male member to become a father.

Is ICSI Treatment India beneficial for all infertile male members?

ICSI Treatment India is not a solution for every male infertility issues. In case the male member has a low sperm count which can result in the genetic disorder and this could be passed any of your babies you have together. Your ICSI expert will advise you to have blood tests before undergoing for the ICSI Treatment in India. Your ICSI expert will provide you with the full support and counseling before and after the blood tests and also help you to make your decision whether you should go for the ICSI treatment in India or not. 

Once you have decided for the ICSI treatment in India, then your ICSI expert will give you the fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries of the women to develop the mature eggs for the fertilization. This process is same as the standard IVF treatment. When the eggs are fertilized then you and your wife both will undergo for the separate process to achieve your goal of having an own baby.

On the same day when eggs are collected from women ovaries, the men also have to produce the sperm sample by ejaculating. If there is no sperm in the semen found then the ICSI expert will extract the sperm under local anesthesia by using the fine needle. There are two methods by which the fertility expert will extract the sperms: (i) Testicle (TESA), (ii) Epididymis (PESA).

If these two methods are also unable to remove the enough sperm, then the fertility expert will use the new technique which is known as TESE or micro TESE.

Success Rate

The live birth success rate with ICSI Treatment in Delhi is around 75-80% of the women under age of 35 years which is quite high as compared to the success rate of other western countries and for the women over the age of 40 years the success rate dip to 40-45%.

ICSI Treatment cost in India

ICSI Treatment cost in India is very reasonable and it suits to the pocket of every individual from across the globe. ICSI Treatment cost in India includes the basic cost of the procedure such as tests, scans etc., only the cost of the medicines does not include in this procedure.
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