Egg Donation India- A process for infertile couples

Egg Donation India is a process where the eggs are borrowed by the younger women and given to the women who are unable to conceive naturally with her consent only. The eggs of the younger women then fertilized with the sperms of the recipient husband to form an embryo. After this, the embryo transfers to the womb of the women in order to achieve a successful pregnancy. Egg Donation India also helps those women who are over the age of 40 years to become a mother with the latest and modern technology now they can also have their own baby.

Egg Donation India process has become a blessing for many infertile couples especially those who are getting married in late ages, for those who have had multiple failed IVF cycles in past.

Egg Donor Screening

Before any Egg Donor joins the Egg Donation India process she has to undergo for the screening test to make ensure that the eggs which are produced by her are normal without any disease. The Egg Donor specially screened for the AIDS and Hepatitis. In Egg Donation India process only the women under age of 30 years are capable of donating the eggs for the infertile women and she should not have any past history of illness or genetic disorder, only then they can deliver the healthy eggs to confirm the successful pregnancy for the infertile women. The couples can select and chose the Egg Donor according to their preference such as height, weight, color complexion, etc. Once you have decided the Egg Donor we will start the process and prepare the chosen Egg Donor to be the process of Egg Donation India to fulfill your dream.
Procedure to begin Egg Donation India

During the Egg Donation India process, the fertility expert will give the injections to the Egg Donor to produce many eggs in one cycle. When the eggs are ready, then the fertility expert will give the short anesthesia to Egg Donor and remove the eggs from her ovaries without giving any cut on the abdomen. After three to four hours of the Egg Donation India process, the Egg Donor can go back home and these eggs are fertilized with the sperms of the recipient husband in the laboratory either by IVF or ICSI procedure.

If in case the sperm of the recipient husband is of poor quality or have low counts then your fertility expert will treat your husband with the ICSI process where a single sperm is directly injected into egg and after two days, the four-celled embryo is formed, then eight-celled embryos are formed and on the day third or day fifth a multi-celled blastocyst is formed. The embryo will then transfer into your uterus at four cells, eight cells or at the blastocyst stage. After the completion of the Egg Donation India process nearly 75-85% women are able to get pregnant. But in any case, you are not able to conceive then you can repeat the Egg Donation India cycle to achieve your dream.

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