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ICSI Treatment India

ICSI Treatment India is a process where a single sperm is directly injected into an egg in order to achieve the fertilization. This fertilized egg transfer into woman’s uterus to achieve the successful pregnancy. The procedure of ICSI Treatment India is similar as IVF. The only difference is in IVF fertilization occurs in the laboratory and in ICSI Treatment India the fertility experts select the sperm from the given semen sample and then directly injected it into each egg. ICSI Treatment India is known as the most successful fertility treatment.

ICSI Treatment in India is a process where several mature eggs are produced and it is possible that your doctor will give you some fertility drugs to encourage your ovaries to produce several eggs for fertilization. ICSI Treatment India is a process which mainly uses the couple who are facing the condition of male infertility and also for those couples who have tried other assisted methods in past but not able to conceive. If the male member is facing the below issues then they need to meet the fertility expert immediately.
    Low sperm or poor quality of sperm
    Abnormal shape and movement.
    Due to some blockage sperms are not present in semen
These and many other more reasons can be a cause of male infertility but don’t worry us will help you to find the solution of all your infertility issues.

In ICSI Treatment India, the fertility expert can use both fresh and frozen sperm. The process begins using a method called micromanipulation. The fertility expert uses the micromanipulation along with specialized equipment to pick a single sperm and inject directly it into the egg. One cycle of ICSI Treatment India will take four to six weeks. For egg and sperm retrieval procedure the couple has to spend a day at the clinic.

After two to six days you need to revisit the clinic for the embryo transfer procedure.

The ICSI Treatment India achieves the highest success rate as compared with other conventional methods. The success rate of ICSI Treatment India totally depends on the age and the fertility problems of the couples. The younger the couple is the higher are the chances of success. The success rate of ICSI Treatment India is almost 75-85% of eggs subjected to the process are fertilized.
The ICSI Treatment Cost in India is affordable for each and every patient as compared with the cost of other western countries. People from aboard travel to India for their treatment because they find the ICSI Treatment in Delhi is one-fifth as they are paying in their own countries. ICSI Treatment Cost in India covers all basic tests and scans prescribe by the doctor during the procedure but it excludes the cost of medicines.

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