ICSI Treatment in India - To Beat Infertility

ICSI treatment in India is a procedure in which only single sperm is directly injected into an egg and the procedure of ICSI treatment in India with IVF will increase your chances of getting pregnant. 

ICSI treatment in India is nearly used with half of all the IVF treatment to give you the better outcome and make your dream to come true by increasing the chances of your pregnancy. ICSI treatment in India especially performed for the couples dealing with male infertility issue and also for those who had tried IVF treatment in past but not successful.

Procedure for ICSI treatment in India

The ICSI treatment in India procedure consists of:

    Controlling the stimulation of ovaries by giving gonadotropin fertility drug to produce many eggs.
    The development of eggs and follicles can be monitored by using ultrasound scans.
    Your fertility expert will give you the human chorionic gonadotropins injection and after this injection, your fertility expert will retrieve your eggs by giving you the short anesthesia and with the use of aspiration needle attached to ultrasound probe to retrieve the eggs.
    Identify the eggs in the laboratory.
    The sperm sample is taken from the male semen or it can be extracted surgically from his testes or epididymis.
    After 2 to 5 days of the fertilization, an embryo formed.
    Your fertility expert will choose the good and healthy embryo to transfer into your uterus after egg removal in order to achieve the successful pregnancy.

ICSI treatment in India has proved successful pregnancy for those couples who are dealing with male infertility issues. If the male member is dealing with any of the below infertility issues then they immediately consult with their fertility expert to resolve that. Following are the infertility issues in male:
    Low or poor sperm count.
    Abnormal shape of the semen.
    Due to blockage, the sperms are not present in the ejaculate.
    Due to poor fertilization, the previous IVF cycle was failed.

Side Effects of ICSI Treatment in India

Following are the problems which may occur during ICSI treatment in India:

    It may damage the women eggs.
    The embryo might get failed to grow properly after fertilization.
    After the ICSI treatment in India process the rate of genetic defects might be on the higher side as compared to other fertility treatments, however, the birth defect can be cured by surgery.

Success Rate of ICSI Treatment in India

The live birth success rate of ICSI treatment India is quite high as compared with other fertility treatment. However, the success rate of the ICSI treatment India depends on the cause of the fertility and on the age of the couples. Currently, the live birth success rate of ICSI treatment in India is around 65-75% of the women under age of 35 years.

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