ICSI Treatment in India- To beat infertility

ICSI Treatment in India is a procedure in which a single sperm is directly injected into the egg and the IVF with ICSI procedure will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

With nearly in half of the IVF treatment, the ICSI procedure is used to serve you with the better outcome and make your dream of having own baby successful. ICSI treatment in India is mainly for the male members who are dealing with the cause of infertility and also for those couples who have previously tried IVF treatment but was not successful.

Procedure of ICSI treatment in India

The procedure of ICSI treatment in India consists of the following:

    To control ovarian stimulation with gonadotropin drug so that it produce many eggs.
    Development of follicles and eggs can be monitored with the vaginal Sonography and serial Estradiol hormone estimation.
    If two leading follicles are 18mm in diameter then the administration of human chorionic gonadotropins injection is required.
    After giving the hCG injection, the eggs are retrieved and the general anesthesia will be given to you so that the fertility expert by using the aspiration needle, guided by ultrasound can retrieve your eggs.
    After that, the eggs are kept in the laboratory for fertilization.
    In the case of Azoospermia, the sperms will be collected and processed in the laboratory. The collection of the sperms can directly be done by using the testis with the procedures of TESE or TESA.
    After 2 to 5 days of fertilization, the embryo is formed.    
    The healthy and good quality of the embryo transfer to woman’s womb, after 2 (four cell embryo), 3 (six-eight cell embryo) or 5(blastocyst stage) days after egg removal in order to achieve the successful pregnancy.

ICSI treatment in India has also proved beneficial for the male members who are dealing with the infertility issues such as:
    Low or poor sperm count
    Abnormal shape of semen
    Sperms are no available due to blockage
    If previous IVF cycle was failed due to poor fertilization
    Sperms are unable to meet the egg and hence cause the successful fertilization

Side effects of ICSI treatment in India

As all surgical procedure is attached with some side effects, similarly the ICSI treatment in India also has some side effects which are as follows:
    The eggs of the women may damage during ICSI treatment in India.
    The growth of the embryo might get failed after fertilization
    After ICSI treatment in India, the genetic defect rate is much higher than any other fertility treatment; however, the genetic defects can be cured by surgery.

Success Rate by using ICSI treatment in India

The success rate of taking the home baby by using ICSI treatment in India is around 65-75% of women under age 35 years which is quite high as compared with the success rate of other developed countries. However, the success rate depends on the age, cause of fertility factor, your body weight, etc.

ICSI Treatment cost in India

ICSI Treatment cost in India is very reasonable and affordable and is one-fifth of the cost as compared with other developed countries. ICSI Treatment cost in India also depends on the procedure and clinic you have chosen.
For more details on ICSI treatment in India contact us through email info@wecareindia.com or call on (+91) 9029304141 (10 am. To 8 pm. IST)


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