Best IVF Treatment in India for Infertile couples

Infertility is not a disease it is a disorder of hormones due to which couples are not able to achieve the successful pregnancy after having an unprotected regular intercourse for more than 12 months. 

Infertility depends equally both on men and women likelihood. Currently, there are about 50 million of infertile couples worldwide and the rate of infertility is increasing every year. Some women can achieve the natural pregnancy at the age of 40 years, but, some of them facing difficulty in achieving the pregnancy and hence they need the assistance in order to get pregnant.   

For these couples, the IVF Treatment in India plays an important role because this is the treatment which will fulfill their all dreams of becoming parents of their own baby.

Procedure for IVF Treatment in India

The IVF Treatment in India is a procedure where eggs and sperms are collected and they are fertilized outside the body of the women but in the laboratory under specific circumstances to build the healthy embryos and after that these embryos will be transferred into the womb of women in order to achieve the successful pregnancy. The IVFTreatment in India is required by the couples, who are dealing with a blockage in fallopian tubes, suffering from severe endometriosis, low or poor sperm count, etc. 

Before your fertility expert will begin with the IVF Treatment in India, they will give you some fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries so that you can produce more mature eggs for fertilization. Once the eggs are produced, your fertility expert will take the eggs out from your ovaries by using fine needle under the Sonography guidance and hence kept the eggs in laboratory till the blastocyst happens. After this, your fertility expert will combine the best quality of sperms with eggs and placed them in a machine which is called incubator. The whole procedure will take around 10 days to complete.

Your fertility expert will start the Gonadotropin injections from the second day of your menstrual cycle and it will usually go for 10-12 days. After the Sonography and blood tests evaluation will be done to check the growth of eggs. Once the eggs get matured, your fertility expert will give you the HCG injection after 36 to 38 hours of egg retrieval. The egg retrieval process will be conducted under general anesthesia and it usually takes 5-10 minutes. The women need to be empty stomach overnight to begin this process.

On the same day of the egg retrieval, the semen sample of the male partner is taken and after 3-5 days couple needs to visit the clinic for embryo transfer. 

Success Rate of IVF Treatment in India

The success rate of IVF Treatment in India for taking baby home is around 70-80% of the women under age of 35 years which is quite high as compared with the success rate of other clinics.

Cost of IVF Treatment in India

The IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi, India is around USD 5,000 including other expenses and this is comparatively very less when you compared the price with other developed countries.