Egg Donor Clinic in India – To help infertile couples

Egg Donation in India helps those women who are not able to conceive naturally and they require the eggs from other women to complete their family. In such cases, Egg Donation India process is the best option where the eggs of the women who are less than the age of 35 years are borrowed and fertilized with the sperm of the recipient woman husband to form an embryo. Once the embryo formed then the fertility expert will choose the best and healthy embryo to transfer into the uterus of the recipient to achieve the successful pregnancy. The success rate of the Egg Donation India procedure is around 70 to 80% of the women under age of 35 years. The procedure of Egg Donation India also proved successful pregnancy for the women with the age of 40 years or above.

Egg Donation India is the process especially for the women who are getting late married in their life and by the time they think to start their family they are in nearly at the age of 40 years in which it’s difficult to conceive of them as hardly they left with the good quality of the eggs. In some of the cases women at the age of 40 years can conceive naturally, however, around 40 to 50% of the women are failing to conceive within a year’s of time after having the unprotected intercourse. The fertility expert will suggest them for the Egg Donation India process which is the only option left for them to have a baby after the adoption process. 

The adoption was only the process left for the women after the age of 40 years when there is a decrease in their periods or stoppage in their periods, however, this new technique of the Egg Donation India process become a blessing for these infertile couples where they can have their own baby after the fertility treatment.

Egg Donor Clinic in India helps those women who have had previously failed IVF cycle or had miscarriages. They also performed the Egg Donation India process for those women who have had gone under through with the radiation or chemotherapy procedures to cure cancer. As the radiation or chemotherapy destroys the women eggs and they are unable to conceive due to failed ovaries.

Egg Donor Clinic in India borrowed the eggs only from those women who are not suffering from any illness, genetic disorders or any infectious disease such as AIDS and Hepatitis. In case the egg donor is suffering from any disease she is not eligible to donate her eggs as this can cause the genetic disorder in the newborn because the egg donor is the biological mother of the newborn.

The Egg Donor Clinic in India examine all the egg donors properly before they join the Egg Donation India program to ensure the intended parents that they will get their baby free from any medical or genetic disorder. The Egg Donor Clinic in India generally preferred the married women as this process require the emotional support too. So the Egg Donor Clinic in India thinks that married women can bear the process and understand the situation of the intended parents better than the unmarried one.

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