Egg Donation India- Best treatment for infertile couples over age of 40 years

Most of the women think that they are not able to conceive after they reach the age of 40 years, but now with the use of the advanced technology in medical science a woman with age of 40 years can also get pregnant and still have a hope of having an own baby. The Egg Donation Clinic in India will borrow the eggs from the young, fertile and healthy egg donors who are under the age of 30 years and these borrowed eggs will be fertilized with the sperm of the recipient husband. Once the eggs get fertilized the same will be implanted into the uterus of the intended mother in order to establish the successful pregnancy. 

We are leaving in such a society where after one and the half year of marriage child is compulsory, but due to some infertility factor women is not able to conceive and get will be pressurized from her family to adopt the child if she can’t conceive. But now the Egg Donation India procedure is a blessing for these women as they can have the chances of having their own baby and can enjoy the phase of motherhood.

Egg Donation India procedure also helps those people who deal with major chromosomal defects which can pass to their children and can also treats the patients who are suffering from Tuberculosis and severe Endometriosis due to which the eggs they produce are of bad quality. A woman who had the previous history of miscarriages can also have the baby by using the Egg Donation India procedure.

During the egg donation program, the Egg Donor Clinic in India will give injections to egg donors to produce more mature and healthy eggs for fertilization. When these eggs are ready the short anesthesia will be given to the egg donor by the Egg Donor Clinic in India so that they can remove her eggs without giving a cut on her abdomen. After three to four hours of the procedure, the egg donor can return to her home and her eggs will be fertilized by the sperm of recipient husband in the laboratory either by using IVF or ICSI.

After four to five days multiple embryos are formed and the Egg Donor Clinic in India will select the best and healthy embryo which will be transferred into the uterus of the intended mother. After this procedure is completed nearly 70-80% of the women gets pregnant and then it will be carried as a normal pregnancy, however, if in case the Egg Donation India procedure is not worked for you at one time then you can go for another attempt to achieve the successful pregnancy. Most of the women had undergone for more than two Egg Donation India procedures to achieve their goal of success which is their own baby. 

The aim of the Egg Donation Clinic in India is to maximize the chances of successful pregnancy for the infertile couples by minimizing the cost of the treatment.