IVF Treatment in Delhi – To fulfill the dreams of infertile couples

IVF Treatment in Delhi helps many of the infertile couples who are unable to conceive after having the unprotected intercourse for more than 12 months. For those people, IVF Treatment in Delhi is the best option which will fulfill their all dreams and this treatment is very cost-effective that people of the average class can easily afford it.

Now with the boom in medical science, the fertility experts use the latest and modern technology to treat the couple who is dealing with the cause of infertility. In the middle of women monthly cycle, when the eggs are released from her womb, the active sperm are placed in the uterus of women through which she becomes pregnant.

What is IVF treatment in India?

IVF treatment in India is the process where the eggs of the women are fertilized with the sperm of her husband or sperm donor outside the women body. IVF treatment in India is helpful for those couples who had tried other assisted reproductive techniques but unable to achieve the successful outcome.

IVF treatment in India is a procedure in which the women monthly cycle will be monitored by the fertility expert in order to collect the eggs from her ovaries for fertilization. The women eggs then fertilized with the sperm of her husband or sperm donor in the controlled environment and the eggs which get fertilized will be implanted into the uterus of women in order to establish the successful pregnancy.

If in case you are unable to achieve the successful pregnancy in first IVF attempt, then you can repeat your IVF cycle. Most of the women have undergone more than two IVF cycles to achieve their dream of having their own baby.

Success Rate of IVF Treatment in Delhi

The success rate of IVF Treatment in Delhi depends on various factors such as age of the women, lifestyle, prior pregnancy; body weight etc. can affect the success rate, however, till date the success rate of taking baby home with IVF in Delhi is around 65-75% which is quite higher as compared with other cities in India. This is an estimated figure of success rate and the actual figure will only be given by your fertility expert after your physical examination.
The fertility experts in Delhi first proper examine the exact cause of your infertility and accordingly, they will plan your fertility treatment which will give you the maximum chances of successful pregnancy.

IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi

The major concern of the couples after all the queries is the IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi. You need not worry about the cost of the IVF treatment because it is very reasonable and can be easily afforded by the people of every class. The approximately IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi is USD 5,000 which includes all medicines expect those medicines which need to stimulate the ovaries that would be cost extra. If you compare the overall IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi with any other city you will find a huge difference in costs. Delhi is a city which offers IVF treatment at very reasonable cost.