What is Laser Assisted Hatching?

The Laser Assisted Hatching is a new technique which is used in almost all IVF procedures to improve the implantation of the embryos in the women uterus. Women only get pregnant when the Laser Assisted Hatching is performed by the fertility expert. The embryo which is developed must hatch out before the implantation from the zona pellicuda which is an outer shell. Due to some of the thick embryos, the ability to hatch the embryo out decreases and therefore it also reduces the ability to implant into the women uterus. This can be due to the older age of the women or any unknown cause of the fertility.

The fertility experts will use the microneedle by acid digestion of the outer shell to perform the Laser Assisted Hatching. The fertility experts will use the latest and modern technology to provide the patients with the fastest and safest way of Laser Assisted Hatching.

During the Laser Assisted Hatching procedure, the outer shell of the embryos is firing new laser pulses. In this procedure, the cells are not damaged due to firing as the laser is fired far away from the cells of the embryos. The Laser Assisted Hatching procedure will take only a few seconds to complete and this is one of the safe and fast procedures than any other procedures.

The Laser Assisted Hatching has proved beneficial for the following Women:
    Women with elevated Day 3 follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).
    Women with poor quality of embryos
    Women with the age of 35 years or more
    Women who had previous failed IVF cycle
    Women with unexplained infertility
    Women with serve endometriosis

The Laser Assisted Hatching India  with IVF has proven beneficial for many people and the success rate of Laser Assisted Hatching with IVF is around 75 to 85% which is quite high as compared with any other procedures. Usually, the procedure of the Laser Assisted Hatching is used to perform the trophectoderm biopsy. Trophectoderm biopsy is a procedure where some cells are removed from trophectoderm component of an IVF blastocyst embryo. The cells which are removed are being tested for chromosome normality, or for a specific gene defect. 

The Laser Assisted Hatching method is far more effective than the manual hatching and it is useful especially for the women who have undergone for the several IVF methods but unable to achieve the success. The women can use the Laser Assisted Hatching method with IVF to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

The Laser Assisted Hatching is a method where there is no cause of abnormality occurs in the baby than the IVF without the Laser Assisted Hatching and this is a procedure where the embryos will not be harmed as only the outer shell of the embryos are being treated in this procedure. The Laser Assisted Hatching India procedure has proven beneficial for many people and this is a cost-effective procedure which anyone can go for.

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