Affordable IVF Expense in Mumbai makes Mumbai the best city for fertility treatments

The IVF Cost in Mumbai mainly depends on the age of the women which is one of the most important factors that can affect the pregnancy rates. A woman who is under age of 35 years for her it is easy to get pregnant than the women over the age of 40 years and at this age she needs more fertility dosage to stimulate her ovaries due to which the IVF Cost in Mumbai get increased.

People usually believe that IVF is an expensive treatment. Yes, two IVF cycles are always expensive than one IVF cycle but most of the women had undergone for more than two IVF cycles to achieve their goal of success which is their own baby and when you hold your own baby then nothing is so touchy in front of those tiny hand touching you and at that time you will forget all the pain and hurdles you have passed to achieve this goal. 

In case IVF treatment failed to give you the best possible outcome then you can use IVF with an egg donor, IVF with PGD, IVF with Surrogacy and much more fertility treatments which will help you in conceiving. This will increase your basic IVF Cost in Mumbai and also increase your chances of successful pregnancy.

How does IVF cost in Mumbai divided?

The IVF Costin Mumbai is divided into 3 categories which are as follows:

a)    Pre-existing expenses of IVF treatment which includes the following:
                Complete procedure of IVF/ICSI
    Egg pick-up
    IVF Fee in Mumbai for fertility experts and embryologists
    Airport transfer
    Blood tests, scans, male and female blood investigation

b)    IVF Cost in Mumbai for per IVF cycle which includes the following:
    Laboratory Charges
    Counseling before and after the treatment
    Expert advice

Note: Only the standard medicines are included in the IVF Cost in Mumbai. The other medicines which are required to stimulate the ovaries will be charges extra and this will increase the basic IVF Cost in Mumbai.

c)    Advance IVF Cost in Mumbai

The advanced IVF Cost in Mumbai includes IVF with egg donor, IVF with Surrogacy etc. which will increase your basic IVF Cost in Mumbai as in case of egg donor or surrogates the IVF Charges in Mumbai will increase for recruiting, screening, legal fees, compensation for egg donor or surrogates all these will increase your basic IVF Cost in Mumbai.

Quality of IVF treatment

The fertility experts in Mumbai offer the best international quality of the treatment to all the patients across the globe at low- IVF Cost in Mumbai. Low- IVF Cost in Mumbai does not mean that they will compromise with the quality of treatment. They offer the best fertility treatment at the reasonable cost because the IVF Expense in Mumbai for the fertility experts is very less as compared with any other cities fertility experts. This is the reason that people love to travel Mumbai for their IVF.