Best Infertility Specialist in India – To treat all issues related to infertility in couples

Nowadays infertility becomes one of the major problems that affect the lives of 9 out of 10 newly married couples, as they are unable to conceive naturally after having an unprotected regular intercourse more than 12 months. But now they don’t need to worry because the Fertility Doctor in India has come up with the latest and advanced procedures in the field of fertility management and IVF is one of them which are very reasonable and cost-effective fertility treatment for the couples to have their own baby. 

The Fertility Doctor in India says that IVF is a procedure where they will collect your eggs and your husband sperm and mix them together in the culture dish in the laboratory for the fertilization. Once the fertilization is confirmed your embryologist will implant the developing embryo into your uterus in order to establish the successful pregnancy and the Best Fertility Clinics India offer this treatment at very reasonable cost for transforming the couples into parents.

Factors causes’ infertility

The following are the factors which will cause infertility:
a)    Age: The age is one of the most important and prominent factors which can cause infertility as with the increased age the fertility starts declining. In the case of women over the age of 35 years, fertility starts declining and they are unable to produce the good quality of eggs for fertilization. On the other hand, the men fertility will start declining when they reach the age of 40 years. The Best Infertility Specialist in India is the people who will suggest the best fertility treatment for both men and women to conceive a baby.

b)    Avoid smoking and alcohol: Your Fertility Doctor in India will always ask you to avoid the smoking and alcohol because their consumption will affect the quality of your eggs and your husband sperm. 

c)    Avoid birth controlling pills: Your Fertility Doctor in India will ask you not to take the birth controlling pills as the study say that the women who consume the birth controlling pills will face difficulties to conceive for several months when they stop taking the birth controlling pills and their body needs extra time to become normal for conceiving.

d)    Hard Exercises: Your Fertility Doctor in India will advise you to restrained exercise, however, according to study that the women who are regularly doing the hard exercise such as aerobics, swimming, gym etc. may ovulate less as compared to other women. The Best Fertility Doctors India always advises the women to stop doing the hard exercises while they are planning to conceive.
Currently, Delhi is top and best city in India which provides the Best Fertility Doctor in Delhi to treat your infertility factors.

Success Rate of Best Fertility Doctor in Delhi

If you follow the above-mentioned factors the success rate of the Best Fertility Doctor in Delhi is around 70 to 80% which is significantly higher than international benchmarks.


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