Cost- Effective Male fertility Treatment In Mumbai – To fulfill the dreams of infertile couples

Male fertility treatment in Mumbai  is a very cost-effective treatment for those people who are unable to conceive a baby due to male infertility factor and this factor occurs due to low or poor sperm count, abnormal shape of sperm, blockage which prevents the movement of sperms in the semen etc. It occurs due to various factors such as any prolonged illness, injuries, exposure to chemicals etc. There are wide ranges Male fertility Treatment Mumbai which can be helpful in curing or treating the problem associated with male infertility and allow the couples to enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby.

According to study, the male infertility is defined as the presence of one or more abnormalities in the semen analysis and the fertility expert will ask the male member to go for the Male fertility Treatment Mumbai through semen analysis which will determine his fertility check.

Semen Analysis of male member is done by the highly skilled and trained fertility expert on an ejaculated sample which is collected after masturbation. While undergoing for the Male fertility Treatment Mumbai for semen analysis the male member needs to abstain from sexual activity for two to five days. Once the sample has been taken by the fertility expert to the IVF laboratory, then it will be analyzed for many different parameters which include sperm numbers, motility, fluid volume, the shape and appearance of the sperm. 

One of the major causes which contribute to the Male fertility Treatment Mumbai comes after the semen analysis report as Low- sperm count.

Low sperm count is one of the leading causes of male infertility which need to be treated by having the Male fertility Treatment Mumbai which helps the male member to become a father of an own baby. As we all understand that it always takes two people to make a baby and a male member has a leading role in pregnancy. Low sperm count means that male member contains less sperm than normal during the time of intercourse. The minimum sperm count which required getting the wife pregnant is 20 million+ sperm per milliliter which will increase the chances of women to get pregnant. Male fertility Treatment Mumbai depends on the severity of the defect.

Male Infertility can be easily cured by the following Male fertility Treatment in Mumbai:
    Some fertility drugs are available to treat the problems related to hormones such as clomiphene citrate, Injections of HCG (Human) etc.
    Vasectomy reversal
    GIFT (Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer)
    Treating infections
    Hormonal treatment
Some percentage of the male infertility are treated surgically such as varicoceles, obstructive azoospermia etc. The majority of the cases have to be handled medically by the experienced fertility experts and for some people, the Assisted reproductive technology of Male fertility Treatment in Mumbai such as ICSI, MESA, PESA has helped a lot to male member to have an own baby.