What is an IVF treatment and to whom it’s recommended?

IVF treatment in Mumbai is a treatment where your eggs are mixed with your husband or donor sperm outside your body but in the laboratory under specific circumstances for fertilization and then the resulted embryo will be transferred into your uterus in order to achieve the successful pregnancy.

To whom the IVF Treatment Mumbai recommended

Following are the conditions when IVF Treatment Mumbai is recommended:
    Blocked or damaged women fallopian tubes.
    Women failed ovaries
    A woman diagnosed with unexplained infertility factor.
    Women with repeated history of miscarriages.
    When other fertility drugs such or intrauterine insemination (IUI) have not been successful
    Poor or low sperm count of male member
    Sperms of male member is not present in semen
    Abnormal men sperm shape
    Any previous history of genetic disorders.

Procedure of IVF Treatment in Mumbai

The procedure of IVF Treatment in Mumbai consists of five major steps which are as follows:

a)    Stimulation: This is the first step of IVF Treatment in Mumbai where fertility drugs are given to you to increase the number of more mature and healthy eggs. During your simulation procedure, your fertility expert will examine your ovaries through ultrasounds and blood tests to check your level of hormones.

b)    Egg Retrieval: In this step of IVF Treatment in Mumbai your fertility expert will give you some medicines so that you will not experience any pain and then they give the local anesthesia and your ovarian follicles are aspirated using a needle guided by transvaginal ultrasonography. Your embryologist will scan your follicular fluids to locate all available eggs in your ovaries and then these eggs are placed in a special media and cultured in an incubator until insemination.

c)    Fertilization and Insemination: This is a step of IVF Treatment in Mumbai where your husband sperms are placed together with your best quality of eggs. The mixing of sperms and eggs are known as insemination and after 16-18 hours of insemination, the fertilization will take place.
d)    Embryo Culture: In this step, your fertility expert will keep a regular check to make sure that the growth of embryo is properly done. Within 5 days, a normal embryo has several cells that are actively dividing and this procedure will take done after 3-4 days of fertilization. The couple can opt for PGD which will help them in deciding that which embryo need to implant and this procedure will decrease the chances of passing a disorder onto a child.

e)    Embryo Transfer: This is the last step of the IVF Treatment in Mumbai where the fertilized embryo will be implanted into your uterus 3-5 days after the egg retrieval and fertilization. Your fertility expert will insert a thin tube which contains the embryo into your vagina, through the cervix, and up into your womb. If an embryo is properly placed in the lining of your womb then it grows and pregnancy results.  

IVF Treatment Cost in Mumbai

The IVF Treatment Cost in Mumbai is very reasonable and can be easily afforded by people of every class. If you compare the IVF Treatment Cost in Mumbai with any other city or country you will find the huge difference in costs.