A Hope of New beginning is Surrogacy in Kenya


Nature has given an opportunity for women to procreate new life within their womb. Ever women appreciate the experience of motherhood. But some women cannot achieve this moment. So for those women surrogacy is the composition of methods such as donor insemination and, embryo transfer methods which helps to modify infertility into reproducible to new ones.

A number of an infertile couple is increasing day by day. And surrogacy has become a fruitful alternate solution for them.


There are two types of Surrogacy Kenya.

1. Traditional surrogacy: who carries baby in their womb and also grant egg is known as surrogate and it can also be known as a biological mother because the almost genetic character will come in a child. Surrogacy Kenya is helping infertile couple globally with new technologies. By using these technologies surrogacy Kenya is providing better services to resolve the problem. This type of surrogacy is little hard to regulate. And these types of surrogacy are guided by loads of agreement.

2. Gestational surrogacy: also termed as a womb for rent. Mean women who carry baby of a biological mother and deliver a baby on behalf of the biological mother. Here biological mother grant fetus which is fertilized from male and female gametes is transferred to the womb of another lady.
Surrogacy Kenya is using these ideas as a major tool to resolve infertility. Here no any genetic character comes in a baby of a surrogate mother. Still it’s very hard to decide is this legal or not.


Main objectives of Surrogacy in Kenya:

1. To normally assess the current practice, present constitution and guidelines on surrogacy in Kenya.

2. To interpret the opinion of people towards surrogacy in Kenya on the basis of moral theories.

Surrogacy in Kenya is one of renowned destiny. But due to interruption in-laws, it has been little complicated to proceed. So there must be development in laws and guidelines on surrogacy in Kenya. Surrogacy in Kenya proceeds with a large number of experienced experts. As we know women without children is very depressed in any society. And one and the only reason is society. Neighbor torture the infertile female. To resolve these tortured from society surrogacy in Kenya is launched with a number of experts. But there is a different issue arising such as while a baby is delivered then in birth certificate there is a name of surrogate mother mentioned. Surrogacy in Kenya is working and researching on these issues.